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VOBMerge 2.51 Screenshot VOBMerge is a tool for merging (joining) several .vob files into one file. This is useful for seamless playback or editing of DVD video on your harddrive.

VOBMerge 2.52 Remixed gives you a few new functions such as batch ability. See readme.txt for more information.

Note: Make sure that your disks are formatted with the NTFS file system if you are going to output files larger than 4 GB!
 Magnetizer 1.50
Magnetizer 1.50 Screenshot This little handy program converts your .torrent files into magnet links. Great for all your sharing needs. Remember kids, sharing IS caring!

Made per request by QazzaQY2K.

New functions in 1.20:
* Auto-open in magnet-client.
* Quiet mode.
* Close to tray.
* Start with Windows.
* Copy magnet links to clipboard.
* Application is now themed.

New functions in 1.50:
* Fetch additional trackers automatically.
* Edit tracker list.
* Easter egg. ;)
Download: Magnetizer 1.50
Downloaded 14430 times
 EXiFStripper 1.0
EXiFStripper 1.0 Screenshot Have you ever wanted to reduce the file size of an image without recompressing it? Well, I have!

EXiFStripper removes EXIF (and IPTC) information from JPG/JPEG files and keeps the image data intact. This can reduce the file size by 45% on some files (usually 2-10% though)!

Really, really simple user interface. Just drag & drop, then click to start. Usually it finds most EXIF data on the first run, but you can run it again to do a deeper search and remove additional data.

Files processed: 145
Total size reduction: 1.674.832 bytes (1,63%)
Download: EXiFStripper 1.0
Downloaded 4852 times
NameGenerator Screenshot NameGenerator does what it says. It generates names for you. Cool huh?

Want that perfectly übercool name for your brand spanking new pet mouse?
- No problem! NameGenerator says: Nibo!

Can't figure out what to call yourself in some MMORPG?
- No problem!! NameGenerator says: Thytuni!

This is the first and only version, don't expect any improvements.

Download: NameGenerator
Downloaded 2457 times