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 Sunday (12-10-2014 16.20) - Phaax Games
Lately I've been busy learning Unity and other tools to create games for mobile, desktop and web-platforms. Click here! for more information!

- Samuel Johansson aka. evilmaster
 Friday (08-11-2013 17.46) - Everyone likes games, right?
Hey there!
I'm glad that you found my site and I hope you enjoy using my software.

If you feel that you want to help me out, you don't have to donate money. You only have to buy games! Sounds great, right? Well, it's true. I get a small sum of every purchase made from G2A.com if you use my link below. It would be greatly appreciated and help me keep this site running, and you get to play games!

It's a win-win I think. So, go ahead. Click here!
 Monday (04-11-2013 10.31) - Hello
There's not much going on here lately. But welcome and enjoy my stuff! :)